Urban Student Intervention & Development Workshop

Current, relevant, practical, and applicable information to understand urban students.

Transformation of the Heart, Mind & Desk Workshop

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190 Martha Street Suite C San Jose, CA 95112

$249 per Attendee

(includes continental breakfast & lunch)

Students sit over 14,000 hours in a school desk from Kindergarten to High School. 
Transformation of the Heart, Mind & Desk Workshop is designed to build capacity for middle/high school teachers, youth specialist, non-profit staff, social workers, case managers, therapists, faith community and volunteers to help urban students with mental skills to maximize academic pursuits. Beneath the failing grades, there is a capable person full of potential looking to achieve purpose and greatness. 

Workshops Topics

Training Materials are Included.

Needs Assessment

Assessing and measuring students' school status; class management; home support; personal motivation; trauma exposure to gauge emotional ability to learn. Needs Assessment is based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs model that explains the higher up in the hierarchy, the better students are motivated to learn.

Purpose Development

Self-regulation to improve mental and behavioral health by initiating a self-directed, inward examination framework to empower purpose thinking. Purpose Development offers a “cognitive” model to build confidence by setting higher self-expectations to increase proactivity in personal & educational pursuits.

Interest Engagement

A fundamental desire we humans have is the desire for purpose and how to achieve it. Interest Engagement incorporates individual strength-based action plans and assessments to engage and strategize in focus resources: mentors; counselors; tutoring; coaches; therapists; after-school programs.

Brain Neuroplasticity

Thoughts can change the structure and function of our brain. The brain continually reorganizes and improves itself by everything we do and think. By harnessing Brain Neuroplasticity, we help students think clearly, learn more easily, and develop an optimistic approach towards academic productivity.

New Lens

Positive and negative influences effect how one sees and interprets their life mission. The new lens transforms a student's sense to develop habits to avoid toxic thoughts while cultivating positive mental attitude about learning and incorporating life skills and acheiving short and long term goals.


When one feels stressed and overwhelmed its easy to stop doing things that replenish focus and productivity. Self-Care is designed to appeal to professionals and students to develop a personalized practical mental health plan to improve skills and techniques to thirve in classroom, work and home.

Personal Development Certification Available for Additional $49

Past workshop Attendees

Los Angeles Juvenile Department of Probation Gang Unit  
Los Angeles County Department of Public Health   
Youth Policy Institute: Girls & Gangs – Los Angeles
Los Angeles Unified School District 
GRYD-Gang Reduction and Youth Development (Los Angeles Mayor’s Office) 
Coalition For Engaged Education – Los Angeles  
El Nido Family Centers – Los Angeles  
Workforce Development Board – Salinas  
Turning Point of Central California – Salinas  
Natividad Foundation – Salinas 
Partners 4 Peace – Salinas 
City of Salinas Community Safety Division 
Salinas Police Department  
Salinas Union High School District  
Community Human Services – Salinas 
Alternative Education-Monterey County of Education 
City of Stockton Peacekeepers
Stockton Unified School District
City of Sacramento Youth Prevention 
Gang Awareness Prevention – Sacramento
HOMEY – San Francisco 
City of Vacaville 
Compass Mentoring Academy, Inc. – Antioch
Discovery Counseling Center – Morgan Hill
Silicon Valley Children’s Fund 
Fresh Lifelines for Youth (FLY) – San Jose
Alum Rock Counseling Center – San Jose
Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office