If you want to learn about the health of a population, look at the air they breath, the water they drink, and the places where they live.

Eco-Diversity Solutions

Health and wellness adaptation through climate change peaks & valleys.

The Tenacious Group is leading climate change adaptation initiatives in East San Jose, providing a climate literacy curriculum, pop-up resilience hubs, nutritional cooking camps, public safety measures, and support for mental health and emotional well-being. These efforts focus on educating and equipping communities of vulnerabilities to the interconnectedness of the environment and health, particularly in relation to extreme heat, air pollution, and the fentanyl crisis.

The Tenacious Group in Collaboration with:

  • City of San Jose
  • Santa Clara County Climate Collaborative
    • Equity in Community Work Group 
    • Heat and Air Quality Resilience Work Group
    • Youth Climate Initiative

The Tenacious Group 2024 Initiatives:

  • Partnered with Santa Clara County Public Health to Create Air Care Curriculum
  • Introduced Snake Plant Kits on Earth Day
  • Collborating with State of California Strategic Growth Council to implement Commuity and School Resilience Hubs 
  • Partnering with City of San Jose to offer Fentanyl Awareness & NARCAN Training Sessions
  • Summer Youth Cooking Camps