Driven by my passion for filmmaking, I stumbled upon an article titled “7-Day Documentary Crash Course.” Intrigued, I considered taking the course to enhance my ability to communicate effectively with potential production teams. Upon completion, armed with newfound knowledge, I eagerly sought proposals. However, the daunting reality of exorbitant budget estimates ranging from 70k to 156K cast a shadow over my aspirations. Despite this, a flicker of determination to self-produce ignited within me.
Opting to delve deeper into the world of film production, I decided to revisit the course, this time with the aim of acquiring practical guidance on each step of the filmmaking process. Over the course of six months, I diligently absorbed the fundamentals of operating a camera, handling audio equipment, mastering lighting techniques, and navigating editing software.
Armed with newfound skills, I embarked on my filmmaking journey, capturing over 20 hours of footage. With dedication and perseverance, I meticulously crafted the material into a compelling 60-minute documentary. Thus, “Making of A Gangsta,” our inaugural production, was born. To my delight and astonishment, it went on to receive acclaim, winning accolades at 11 film festivals.

                                                                                                               Adam Ybarra, Founder of The Tenacious Group

Making Of A Gangsta Documentary

62 Minutes

Signed to Global Genesis Group for Distribution. Making Of A Gangsta is Officially Awarded and Selected to eleven Film Festivals. Including “BEST Documentary Film” and “BEST Director” at Golden Gate International Film Festival, “BEST Documentary Feature” at Top Indie Film Awards, “BEST Documentary Bronze Award” at Mindfield Film Festival Los Angeles, “WINNER Award of Merit” at The Impact DOC Awards, “WINNER” at Spotlight Documentary Film Awards, “WINNER First-Time Filmmaker” Hollywood International Independent Documentary Awards, “BEST Local Night Award” at The Poppy Jasper International Film Festival. Including three Finalist Awards from DaVinci Film Festival, Golden Gate International Film Festival, AltFF Alternative Film Festival, Semi-Finalist at Los Angeles Cinfest and “Nominee BEST Original Idea” at Top Indie Film Awards

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Mental Bruises

Production On Hold

Mental Bruises offers a close-up look and feel of the struggle with mental health i.e. anxiety, stress, addictions, depression, and panic attacks. 

Gang Love Documentary

36 Minutes

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Gang Love explores the intense love of being a gangster and the authentic love required to reach a gang member.  

2019 Winner “BEST DIRECTOR” Alternative Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. 2019 Winner “SILVER AWARD” Spotlight Documentary Film Festival. Selected to 2019 “Impact Doc Awards” Film Festival. 

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