Raising Expectations Standards & honor 180

Purpose Development Curriculum

Middle & High School academic Intervention

Increases Academic performance

RESH 180 curriculum builds on the notion of being purpose driven, targets scholastic performance, resiliency skills and classroom management.

Increases personal responsibility

Students self-regulate, set goals, problem-solve, find information and help, negotiate, find allies, focus on accomplishments, manage discouragement.

increases Life Skills

RESH 180 offers skills to deal effectively with challenges and set-backs in everyday life, whether at school, community, neighborhood and home.

Improves mental & behavioral health

Classroom strategy aligned in a trauma-informed approach to initiate a self-directed, inward examination framework to empower purpose thinking.

Improves teacher relationships

RESH 180 classroom discussions and exercises brings together students and teachers to share life experiences, common activities and interests.

Improves pro-social assets

RESH 180 empowers students to take steps towards pro-social resources i.e. counselors, tutors, mentors, therapists, and after-school programs.

Educators Recommendations

"RESH 180 is designed to instantaneously impact middle and high school students to think about making long term strategic decisions."
Dr. Peter Ellis
Founder, University of Phoenix
"RESH 180 demonstrates more exemplary teaching strategies in the shortest time span than I’ve seen in most award-winning classrooms."
Dr. Mary Male
SJSU Alternate Education Teacher Training Program (RTD)

3 out 4 youth are searching for purpose

RESH 180 Strategic Topics


Introduces a purpose-thinking framework to help students pause and evaluate current direction in personal, education, career, family, health, and future paths.


Introduces 4 Routes...Clueless, Wasteful, Going-in-Circles & Purpose Driven for students to assess current routes and make adjustments to improve personal, relational and academic responsibilities.


Introduces 4D's ...Designed, Delivered, Dependent and Destined to promote students' mental health, strengthen focus, improve attention and boosts brain function.


Introduces outcome assessments to measure purpose-driven development, short and long term goals, academic progress and resource-support utilization.


Introduces a new lens to examine and interpret the positive and negative inputs, influences, and effects in students' sense of self and purpose.


Introduces 4 Traits...Forward Motion, Intelligence, Gifts and Passion for students to plan and execute unique, individual capability and pro-social assets.


Introduces building blocks to living beyond self with an emphasis of challenging students "what are you going to leave behind" to engage and mobilize present & future plans.

RESH 180 Curriculum is Available for Purchase.

Includes Student Workbook, Instructor's Manual, Step-by-Step Lessons plans with accompanying DVD for additional resources of program concepts via videos and animation segments.


How many hours does RESH 180 cover?

Minimum dosage is 10 hours (@ 1-hour classroom time segments) up to 32 hours of dosage.

Does RESH 180 have pre/post assessment tools?

Yes. Pre/Post surveys to assess academic status, home support, classroom management, pro-social resources, & mental health.

Can RESH 180 be used for one-on-ones?

Absolutely. RESH 180 is a great resource for one-to-one school sessions, after-school programs, life coaching, mentoring and therapy.

How can I get more information about RESH 180?

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