Changing the Trajectory

Motivating Frontline Youth To Excel in Education and Thrive In Environmental Health


3 out 4 youth are searching for purpose.

The Tenacious Group Empowers Youth By Way Of...


Cognitive-based learning designed for middle and high school students to develop purpose thinking skills & pro-social assets to improve mental health and academic performance.


Professional Training to understand social make-up and ecology of at-risk urban students. Build capacity for purpose thinking practices and methodologies.


Explores social stigmas through a lens of hope and purpose regardless of external labels, misconceptions and diagnosis.

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Enlarging our Territory and Expanding our Influence

Air Care - Introduction to Air Quality

The newly released curriculum will offer engagement to encourage personal initiatives for cleaner air. It’s free to schools and community based organizations.

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The Tenacious Group introduces Strength & Peace

Alex The Hippo - Special Edition

Alex The Hippo – Strength & Peace fills young readers with hope and speaks to the power of the presence of intergenerational love. The visual story is a captivating exploration of strength, to find peace in the midst of life’s unwavering circumstances and inspires young readers to strive and fulfill their unique purpose in life. This Special Edition Book offers 30 pages of unique creative expressions of the hippopotamus in various inspired portraits.  


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